【Love Fund】

Love Sees No Boundary For Disasters Hitting A Place


Before ‘Love Fund’ was set up in 2008 when ‘May 12 Earthquake’ attacked Wenchuan, the Company adhered to the core value concept of ‘love, faith and reasonable reflections’ and called for its staffs to attend the fund-raising. All staffs ranging from the leaders to each employees offered their contribution and thus delivered their love to the remote disaster area.


In 2010, the 7.1-magntitude earthquake erupted in Yushu of Qinghai. All of the UNO people gave their helping hand without hesitation.


In 2015, ‘August, 21 Explosion Event’ in Binhai, Tianjin drew their attention. As an enterprise that got expanded based in Tianjin, UNO dispatched people to head to the hospital of fire fighters first time to show solicitude and express gratitude to the heroes on fire control.


Concerns To Myriads Students


Starting from the inception of 2010, ‘Love to All’ Love Fund was under the charge of special people in each quarter who would remit the donation to students bonded to UNO. Hong Yu and Jian Peng from Dahao Village of Jinghai County were earliest poverty-stricken students the company donated. They have been enrolled by college with outstanding score. Uno would help students till they successfully get the subsidy fund from their school before continuing to help the other children.


Sun Zhengyang was one of the children getting its assistance. As a ‘kind-hearted student’ in Hedong District, she shows good academic scores and moral deeds and is praised on a frequent basis. Deprived of her mother since younger and having a father who could not take care of himself, Sun and her aunt who got stricken by diabetes lived on the measly retirement pay. UNO’s Love Fund learned about Sun’s family condition through the community committee and paid a visit to her family. It initially proposed the idea of helping her accomplish her dream of schooling. With assistance of the Love Fund, Sun carried on with calligraphy and formed a sanguine impression on the society.



Guard Growth, Pass Down Love


Since ‘Love Fund’ was established, it has been gathering love, diffusing friendship and bringing about viable change to children in their study and life with practical actions so that children can grow up happily and joyfully.


During Children’s Day, the company would deliver presents to subsidized children. When Children’s Day of 2017 came, the company delivered fancy presents covering stationery set, brush package and so forth to Sun Zhengyang, Sun Xihan, Huang Guoliang, Miao Hongxin and Feng Guirong. The company also presented tailored school uniform to children in Guo Village Primary School so that they can enjoy their life and feel the warmth.





The company often organized all staffs to offer donation to poverty-stricken areas in the hope that children who long for study and progress despite simple and crude conditions can be delivered love and affection.



Blue Initiatives, Attention on Autistic Children


April, 2 marks the ‘World’s Autism Day’. During March, 27 to April, 4 in 2017, the company joined hands with Tianjin Yitong Autism Research Service Center to hold the art exhibition with ‘Blue Initiative, Attention on Autistic Children’ as the theme. During the art exhibition, all works were on display in the form of auction. To arouse these children’s pursuit towards love, all departments throughout the company actively get involved in the activity, diffused seeds of warmth in them and bring them goodwill and concern.



By April, 5, the art exhibition had sold 41 works and raised a charitable fund tallying around 3,000 Yuan.