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【Annual Training Meeting, Tourism Activity】

Since 2011, Uno Company would organize summary meeting and extension training in the middle and at the end of the year. The meeting is open mainly to headquarter executives and sales elites. The executives would give half-year conclusion and point out development orientation of the second half year. The meeting would carry out special training targeting at sales representatives and would organize them to present their proposals on products and services in the form of seminar.



After the two-day annual meeting, executives and sales elites would step out of the border with Uno culture and get engaged in an extension training aimed at widening their horizon. With their footsteps covering Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Egypt, Israel and Jordon, staffs of UNO have created opportunities for exchanging experience to staffs all over the country so that the headquarter would form deep bond to its sales representatives.