UNO(TIANJIN) APPAREL CP.,LTD., formerly known as Tianjin KOREANO Apparel Co., Ltd., named after the original brand "KOREANO" was founded in 1992 in Tianjin, China. After over two decades of growth, it has grown into one of the most influential companies in high-end women’s wear field. KOREANO owns two famous mature brands namely Klova and Koreano and over one hundred own-operated stores throughout the country. It founded Noah (Tianjin) Apparel Co.,Ltd in 2000. After adjustment of four management stages, KOREANO and NOAH have both owned completed management system. By adopting flat organizational structure, it has founded three management systems and over ten functional departments with officially staffs tallying around 2000. In 2005, KOREANO and NOAH set up the 30000 square-meter industrial park in Tianjin.


KOREANO was responsible for its sales system and NOAH was mainly specialized at research and development management system. It has ownership of brands. After over two decades of marketing deposit and several integration cycles, it vertically aggregates operational model of high-end brands and roots staunch foundation to brand building and operation of the company in days to come. In 2015, KOREANO and NOAH went through a round shake-up in equity and stockholding. With their powerful background, connection of the former KOREANO and NOAH to KLOVA and UNO was realized. UNO Company was accountable to master comprehensive operation of Klova and Koreano, the original mature brands. KOREANO was accountable for operation and management of new brand operation.


At the moment, Hong Kong Xinyue Development Co., Ltd. where Uno was affiliated was controlled by Bosideng Group. Bosideng International Holding Limited affiliated to the Group (stock code: HK03998) was successfully listed in mainboard of Hong Kong. For the current stage, Uno has entered the preparatory stage of being listed in the market. It is extending the industrial park in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Technology Silicon in Wuqing Development Zone that covers a land area of 20,000 square meters in an attempt to further widen the kingdom of fashion. Upholding its core value of ‘love, faith and reasonable reflection’ and the corporate motto of ‘taking responsibility in both mind and action’, it highlights construction of development platform for staffs to the inside and is bold enough to taking social responsibilities and showing concern to the vulnerable to the outside.In the operational chain, it is committed to good-faith cooperation and provides dedicated specialized services to customers. It is dedicated to creating a unique fashionable experience of beauty and quality for women through its prospective concept of fashion and an business model befitting its own growth.


You can attain your final goal without ditching the initial intention. From the initial single production enterprise to an industrial chain with diversified operation, it has constructed a completed economic chain. From research, development, production to brand operation and terminal sales, UNO has been forever holding fast to its own advantages by parsing domestic apparel market, establishing the data management system, and combining with market demands to usher in the fashionable consumption. Years-long deposits help UNO become representative first-level high-end brand operators in the field.